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Dude Facts

  Free consultation  
  Fluent English spoken  
  Foreign hair experts for women & men  
  No use of thinning scissors without prior consultation  
  Imported hair colours and colour sample chart for Western hair  
  Entirely nonsmoking. Smoking area outside  
  No personal questions. We concentrate on our job and let you relax  
  Friendly atmosphere and groovy music  
  Dude is for people who really want to chill at the hairdressers  


Dudes always know how to chill.
We are all Dudes ourselves and thereby naturally
provide a very relaxing atmosphere and service to our customers.

3 different categories of dude by The World Dude Committee

[original dudes] : grungy, laid-back , chilled, non aggressive,
surfing, snow boarding, often spotted relaxing on balconies or beaches

[conscious dudes] : politically conscious, socially aware,
vegetarian, volunteer minded

[├╝ber dudes] : deeply chilled, peaceful, present, zero ego,
spiritually enlightened, totally connected to the universe.


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Email : dude-hair@nifty.com

Tel : 03-3468-9116
Call Kaz or Nana for appointment